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BOTOX is regularly used for smoothing wrinkles that appear due to repetitive facial expressions (frowning, smiling, crinkling). BOTOX is named for botulinum toxin A, a substance that can cause food poisoning. But don’t worry: scientists have found a way to purify BOTOX and successfully have it injected, in very tiny amounts, into the skin and muscle. BOTOX injectables are very safe to use, especially when used in the tiny amounts needed for cosmetic purposes. Though its true name sounds a little scary, BOTOX can become your best friend in the anti-aging race.

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Is Botox Permanent?

Botox injectables are highly effective, but keep in mind that this and other injectable solutions are not permanent. The effects will last for quite a while, though; you should be wrinkle-free for anywhere from four to six months with Botox.

Does Getting Botox Hurt?

Botox is a virtually painless procedure to receive. If you can tolerate a small pin prick, you will have no problem with Botox. You may have the option to numb the skin before the Botox is injected, so the pin prick will not even be felt. There is no recovery time needed after receiving Botox injectables. It takes a few days to see the full effect of the treatment, after which you will enjoy the loss of your wrinkles for months to come.

"I had a great experience with Dr. Horn and his staff. Everyone was very friendly and inviting. I have already recommended Dr. Horn to some of my friends who also love the results."
~ Susan, Streamwood, IL


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Why Get Botox?

Are you very expressive when you talk, your emotions showing on your face? Do you tend to frown a lot when you’re stressed or angry? Do you squint in the sun or to read fine print? Botox works best on lines and creases that are seen in the midst of facial expressions, such as frowning or smiling. The lines you see when someone frowns (on the forehead, between the eyebrows) or smiles (crinkly wrinkles at the corners of the eyes-“crow’s feet”) can be greatly helped with Botox. Other, more deeply set wrinkles that are seen when your face is expressionless are not helped as well with Botox. Your individual needs, though, will be expertly determined by Dr. Horn during your consultation.

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The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery consists of passionate and experienced medical professionals,
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  • Jordyn Brooker – Office Director
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  • Sharon Thomas – Aesthetician
  • Amie Martin – Nurse Injector
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  • Irina
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