Can you get botox while trying to get pregnant?

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Can you get Botox while trying to get pregnant?

Well, Botox in injected into little areas to smooth wrinkles. It generally does stay exactly in the area that you are trying to treat. It is very, very tiny doses, so it doesn’t generally travel more than a centimeter and a half from where it is injected and it is not absorbed into your system per se.

However, Botox is classified as a category C drug, which basically means that there hasn’t been a whole lot of research done on whether it would cause any problems with pregnancy or not.

In general, when a medicine is classified as pregnancy category C, we recommend that you not use it during pregnancy because we are not 100% certain that it would not cause a problem. Although there is not good reason to believe that it would cause a problem. However, because it is a category C drug, and because there has not been sufficient research on Botox injections in pregnant women, it is recommended that you do not use Botox while trying to get pregnant or if you are currently pregnant.

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